On these pages you'll find a growing collection of documentation.

  • The Getting started page helps you install and prepare LDCad for first use.
  • The GUI Introduction page introduces you to the general interface and the part and color bins.
  • The Basic editing page walks trough the basics of LDraw editing inside LDCad while drawing a very simple model.
  • The Advanced editing page walks trough the more advanced but still daily needed features of LDCad, things like submodels, nested editing and dynamic parts are discussed.
  • The Shortcut keys page lists the full overview of keyboard and mouse shortcut keys available in LDCad.
  • The Scripting API page is the complete LDCad (lua) scripting reference.
  • The Scripting examples page describes easy to understand examples to get you started with LDCad scripting features.

All documentation assumes you are using the latest versions of both LDCad and the LDraw library.