If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to email me.

Reporting bugs

If you think you found a bug (the application crashed or does something it shouldn't) please first check the FAQ page. If your issue isn't mentioned you can help me fix the issue by reporting it to me. Please give detailed information about what you were doing and include the problem model and contents of the 'logs' folder.


I'm working on LDCad as a hobby project, it therefore depends greatly on my motivation to continue doing so. You can help keeping me motivated by sending me a postcard as a means of appreciation / thanks.

Any postcard will do, one of your home town/country for example, you can send them to:

Roland Melkert
Rijnstraat 36
3313GW Dordrecht
The Netherlands


Now and then people ask me if they can donate. But I don't have paypal etc.

Also I'm not working on LDCad to make money, it's purely an hobby and accepting money (IMHO) makes it somewhat more serious and therefore less fun.