Next version

With 1.6 in the 'stable' state I'm taking a break from 1.x version development.

Don't worry it isn't the end of LDCad, I just no longer focus on developing the current 1.x branch anymore. Instead I'm playing with some ideas for a brand new GUI/LDraw rendering engine which might evolve into a LDCad 2.0 version somewhere down the road.

If you would like some feature or (minor) change to be part of the next version mail me a description so I can consider including it. All suggestions are welcome.

Test versions

If you want to help test the new version feel free to download the below alpha version for your platform. I'll appreciate any kind of feedback and or bug reports on them.

But be aware this version is most likely less stable then the latest version listed in the download section. Also backwards compatibility with the next version is not guaranteed. It is therefore recommended to use it separate from your regular version of LDCad and only use it with copies of your LDraw files.

None available